eonline: Josh Schwartz teases what’s next


Gossip Girl‘s highly anticipated 100th episode aired tonight, with Blair’s (Leighton Meester) big royal wedding to Prince Louis, and it was full of shockers galore. So did she go through with it? Which guy(s) were left devastated? Did anyone see that twist coming?

I have exclusive scoop on what happens next—and why Blair did what she did!—from all three of Gossip Girl‘s big bosses: Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran

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TVGuide: Wedding Day Aftermath!

[WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from Monday’s episode for Gossip Girl, “The Princess Bride.” Read at your own risk.]

She did it. She got married and became a princess. And now the avalanche of questions…

Is Gossip Girl really going to make Dan and Blair happen? Did new media magnate Nate just fall for another pretty girl (who happens to be the real Charlie Rhodes)? Would the reformed Chuck have sent that video to Gossip Girl? Will he and Serena decide to put themselves out of their misery when they find out Blair ran off with LonelyBoy? Did the royal lapdog Prince Louis actually grow a pair? Is Georgina the real Dread Pirate Roberts Gossip Girl?

Ed Westwick tired of “lovesick puppy” Chuck, ready for Gossip Girl to end

So many burning questions lingering about Monday’s 100th episode of Gossip Girl, written by executive producer Josh Safran and fittingly titled, “The Princess Bride.” Fortunately, Safran and fellow series boss Stephanie Savage were on hand last week to tease and tantalize reporters who got an early peek at the episode about everything that is to come. Get cozy — they had a lot to say! (And for the record, we’re so sticking with the theory that Georgina is not Gossip Girl.)

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Gossip Girl 100th episode Press Conference with Mayor Bloomberg

And look what New York Mayor  has to say!

“@MikeBloomberg says he doesn’t understand how Blair could marry the prince “when she’s clearly in love with Chuck” — Mike Grynbaum. Ladies and gentlemen, Mayor Bloomberg ships Chuck and Blair.

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eonline: Five things to expect from GG’s 100th episode

Here comes the bride…and the fan freakouts!

Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode extravaganza, which centers on Blair’s (Leighton Meester) sure-to-be epic Royal Wedding, is one of the most highly-anticipated TV events of the year, so to say we were excited when the CW asked us to attend a special screening of the episode is a bit of an understatement. We’ve watched the series since day one and it has remained one of our favorite guilty pleasures.

Now that we’ve seen the episode (and cried a bit!), here are five things you can look forward to from Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode! Plus, some scoop from executive producers  Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran (who wrote the episode) about what went into the making of the milestone hour!

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eonline: When and how GG will end? – Josh Safran Interview

Is the end of Gossip Girl near? If so, which couples will end up together?

These are the questions we asked Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Safran when we caught up with him…and some of his answers may surprise you. Aside from the future of the series and endgame chit-chat, we also talked to Safran about the highly anticipated 100th episode and what longtime fans can expect from the milestone hour.

Six Seasons…and No Movie!: When we asked Safran how much longer he’d like to the series go on, he says, “I’m hoping it goes another year and then I think it were to end then, it’d be OK. If it were to continue, I’d be super happy as well.” He adds, “I think we’re looking at a sixth season as our hope for now.” Safran says the writers are currently breaking the season-finale script and “we are not breaking it as if it is the series finale. There is definitely a lot more story to tell.” Smells like a cliffhanger.

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Josh Safran Interview with THR

The Hollywood Reporter: Blair seems to be entering into a new phase, especially with her spirituality. How long will that last?

Josh Safran: Blair very much believes that this pact she has made with the powers responsible for saving Chuck, she will move forward with that belief undeterred. When we started the season, we talked very much about works that were meaningful to us and inspired us and some of the works that came out of that conservation were The Talented Mr. Ripley and The End of the Affair. We knew from the very beginning we were going to tell a story much like the Charlie/Ivy story has been inspired by The Talented Mr. Ripley. Blair’s always had faith, in all different ways, whether it’s faith that someday my prince will come or faith that she went to confession in season 1. The sacrifice she’s making is for the greater good of the man that she loves.

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10 Things to know about Blair’s Wedding

Spotted: Manhattan’s favorite Upper East Siders (and Brooklynites) celebrating the 100th episode of ‘Gossip Girl’ at Cipriani on Wall Street in New York. As always, it was a fashionable affair for the cast — Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Chase Crawford and Ed Westwick were all on hand — but the real guest of honor, according to executive producer Josh Schwartz? The celebratory cake!

“We’ve talked about the cake for a long, long time,” Schwartz told AOL TV. “‘The OC’ went to 93 or 92 episodes, so we were close but no cake. It’s really a testament to Stephanie [Savage] and her leadership, guiding the show to 100 episodes. We birthed it, but Stephanie’s really raised this child. I just send an alimony check.”

But it wasn’t all cake talk. The cast also teased the highly anticipated 100th episode, and all we can say is OMG! Orgies, dance sequences, a royal wedding and a potential runaway bride? This is one episode you can’t miss. And from what we hear, the first 10 minutes see the entire cast doing something they’ve never done before.

What can it be? Let the gossip commence …

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EW Spoilers

Sandra, Do you have anything on Chuck and Blair, there is so much chaotic stuff going on in filming and with already basically no interaction on the show, I just want to know if I should keep watching. – Kris

Kris, you should always keep watching — especially this season, which, even with the push and pull of Chuck and Blair, has been great drama. (You gotta admit, they’ve got you dyyyiing.) Anyway, I posed a similar question to Josh Safran when I asked about Chuck’s journey sans Blair this season and where his story was headed. “Chuck’s story continues the way that it started. I don’t want to give too much away about it but I do believe it’s been plotted out very specifically. And I think that, as I said in the past, the things that are about to happen to Chuck are the only logical next step in his evolution,” he said. “It continues this way. Monkey was just the beginning.” Of course, if it’s so logical, why are we all stumped?!

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‘Gossip Girl’ Boss Talks Blair’s Surprising Pregnancy, and a Big 100th Episode (Q&A)

Who knew that after five seasons, Gossip Girl would be returning to the basics?

Last week’s premiere dropped a bombshell (Blair’s unexpected pregnancy) and set up the season’s arcs: Serena trying out the Hollywood thing, a “reformed” Chuck returning to his old ways and introducing the enigmatic Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) into the fold. But after the departures of Taylor Momsen, Connor Paolo and Jessica Szohr, executive producer Josh Safran says this year the CW drama is focusing more on its core group. “This season is very much about the choices our characters making,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter.

As the show readies for its landmark 100th episode (which hasn’t been written yet), Safran discusses the game-changing pregnancy reveal, why Diana is keen on the Gossip Girl website and what viewers can expect in future episodes.

[Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.]
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