eonline interview with SS: “For me and JS, we always felt that those guys were endgame for each other.”

Chuck and Blair were “always” endgame.

Dan was almost (accidentally) revealed as Gossip Girl in the very first episode.

Jack and Georgina totally would have been a thing if the scheduling worked out.

And Jenny Humphrey’s supercool job in the future was revealed—but you may have missed it!

We just got off the phone with executive producer Stephanie Savage to ask our lingering questions about last night’s series finale of Gossip Girl. So if you are a fan, we highly recommend you read the following Q&A, which also reveals why Lily didn’t end up with Rufus, and where Vanessa is now…

source: eonline.com

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TVGuide Interview with SS about the finale

610 - 3bFor six seasons, anonymous blogger Gossip Girl has been able to uncover pretty much any secret and sordid scandal about S, B, Lonely Boy and the rest of the Upper East Side. It’s ironic, considering what the series producers had to do to keep the identity of the unapologetically nosy snitch under wraps until Monday’s Gossip Girl series finale (8/7c on The CW).

“It’s been very nerve-wracking for me to try to keep it a secret,” co-creator and executive producer Stephanie Savage tells TVGuide.com of the many precautions taken to keep the name concealed. “But I’m excited for people to find out. The cast and crew were definitely excited when they found out so I’m hoping our fans have the same reaction.”

The show’s crew went to these great lengths to protect a secret that almost even didn’t make it into the finale at all. “We always had an idea in our minds of who Gossip Girl was, which we needed to be able to tell our stories, but we were never sure if we were going to reveal that,” Savage says. “We weren’t sure that that was something that the audience would want to know. Maybe they would like the idea of not knowing who Gossip Girl was.”

source: tvguide.com

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Afterthoughts: The Revengers (6.09)

“But I don’t wanna be safe, I wanna be with you.” Blair Waldorf to Chuck Bass. Cue all hearts melting from that perfect scene. Continue reading

Spoiler Alert! Filming infos from fans

Someone really smart took a picture at the script page hanging next to a camera, and there could be seen various lines that were in the scene where Chuck and Blair get married… Thanks to EWW’s owner Brittany for making most of the page out. You can read the transcript under the cut… and YAY! But there’s more under the cut you want to check out.


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Season Finale Title

image host

Thanks to some kind soul, we got a little callsheet regarding the season finale – that they started filming yesterday. The very last episode of the series will be called “New York I love you, XOXO” and I suppose is based on the omonimous movie (minus the XOXO) from 2009 that was made of mini stories about love. Everyone was on set, even guest stars such as Katie Cassidy and Desmond Harrington came for the finale. Now I don’t know what Juliet Sharp as to do there, but maybe Jack is getting back because of something regarding to Bart. Apparently everyone but Ed and Leighton, Matt, Kelly and Robert – that were, however, on set (the only absent was Ed because his trailer was nowhere to be seen); filmed scenes on the MET steps. If you want to take a look, you can watch a short video here. I have no idea what they’re doing, but that is not what let’s just say, makes me curious. Like I said everyone but EL, Matt, Kelly and Robert were there, Michelle included. She and Penn were close in the scene, and he was carrying a bouquet of what it looked like white peonies, with a blue and white ribbon. Michelle was carrying a white box that looked like the ones used to put cakes or dresses in it. It made me wonder, why the hell Dan and Georgina carry those things? Above all, why Dan is carrying a bouquet?! That made me wonder even more until someone spotted THIS on the nearby set in Central Park. Leighton, Blake and Penn filmed at that place, and as you saw from the pictures I posted, Leighton had a beautiful blue gown with her hair up and a sparkly headband on her head… she looked like a princess. Thanks to the callsheet we know that Blair and Serena talk and Dan overhears them, STILL carrying the damn bouquet as you can see here. We can’t know more because the callsheet is cropped, but I’ll say let’s use our imagination to think about what all of this could possibly mean. ;) I’ll just add this post I made for a CB challenge so you can imagine more, hehe.

Speculation Post: Who will fail their to-do list? & more

I desperately needed a break from my studies and so I decided to write this post. I wouldn’t see it’s quick and short, we’ll see. The main reason why I’m writing this it’s because I haven’t written a speculation post in so long and I honestly was missing doing it. Second reason, I just wanted to give my opinion on a recent video and spoilers. I haven’t posted the video because in my opinion it’s too spoilery, but if you want to check it out, click on this comment and like I said, beware because you may be spoiled big time. Anyway, on to the point I want to discuss. Remember that there are spoilers and that if you don’t want to be spoiled, you need to stay away from this post. If you still want to read this post, just read the first point. The second regards Ausiello‘s spoiler.

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ASK Ausiello – October 9th

Question: Will Chuck and Blair get married in the Gossip Girl series finale? —Annie
Ausiello: Don’t know. I will say that one of them will fail to accomplish an important item on their pre-engagement to-do list, potentially rendering their little agreement null and void.

source: tvline.com

Afterthoughts: Gone Maybe Gone [SEASON 6 PREMIERE]

“Welcome Back Upper Eastsiders, call me superstitious, but I got a feeling this fall could be my last season. Let’s face it, I’ve been at this a long time, but age breeds wisdom and this I know… the best has yet to come.”

- Gossip Girl

Well Gossip Girl is back and entering it’s last and finale season! And for the first of 10 final episodes, it wasn’t too shabby. Good job Gossip Girl, you only made me cringe on certain parts! And while I may have sobbed my eyes out now and again, I can’t help but be a little anxious. Now I know, it’s a little crazy for me to be even a bit anxious… but there’s something in my stomach, fluttering,  Could it be… butterflies?
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ASK Ausiello – October 2nd

Question: Gossip Girl‘s final season starts in less than a week, so this week’s Ask Ausiello better have something good on the premiere. Or else. —Dawn
Ausiello: Last I checked the column was called Ask Ausiello not Threaten Ausiello. Having said that, I’ll give you what you want, just promise not to hurt me or my family, K? Herewith are six mild-to-wild spoilers about Monday’s premiere: * Someone is wearing an engagement ring by the end of the episode, but there’s a twist.
* I can confirm that the event featured in these photos is indeed a wedding, but there’s a twist.
* The show’s go-to rehab clinic, The Ostroff Center, has been renamed to reflect current events.
* Blair and Georgina’s bitchy repartee throughout the hour is a thing of immense beauty.
* Dan gives Blair a tough-love speech about her dysfunctional relationship with Chuck that literally leaves his ex speechless.
* Someone has a big secret, and that someone’s initials are BB.
Question: Can you share anything about the Gossip Girl series finale? —Annie
Ausiello: According to some just-leaked casting intel, the swan song will feature a cute and adorable 3-year-old boy with dark hair and eyes. You thinking what I’m thinking? ‘Cause I’m thinking that little rascal could be Chuck and Blair’s firstborn.
source: tvline.com
I wanted to add something. We know many things of the first spoiler already so no need to comment. But the second spoiler is clearly fake, giving they are still filming 6.09 and Ausi is the biggest troll we’ve ever seen. He wouldn’t write something nice for CB fans even if they paid him billions, hehe. So take it as that. I’d really love for something like this to be true, but we’ll see, he might be true in his douchiness! lol.