Okay so there’s someone on GGinsider/TV Fanatic who posted a “few” spoilers.

This person also has a Twitter account , and She/he said that she’s opening a GGfansite.

Now i’ll post what she said BUT  it’s up to you guys if you want to believe her or not, just remember what happened last year with BLABZ.

( you don’t remember blabz? well this person posted a lor of spoilers (on twitter) of the last episodes  of the Season and they were all true, too bad that no one believed him)

Okay here you go

-xp For example Rufus calls Dan … Georigna picks up and the baby is crying . Rufus who doesn’t know about the Baby yet asks … ” Whats that in the background ?” And Georgina is like ” Justin Bieber is on TV ” xP Hahaha but remember some of the scenes i post can be cut out in the final version of the episode although i think not xp
-Blair & Serena FAKE fight in episode 3 BLAIR (ON TV)
Why would Hamilton House want you? Have you seen your life since you
graduated from Constance?
Yeah, while you were begging for middle class minions at NYU, at least
I had a job.
You can’t seriously be referring to your political “career?”
I learned a lot about the issues –
You mean, your daddy issues.
Right and you’re so healthy.
“I hate Chuck, I love Chuck, I hate Chuck, I love Chuck–”
And you love, who…? Nate, Dan, then Dan again. Aaron, Gabriel,Carter, Trip, Nate again, then Dan again. Did your father finally fix that? Because he seemed pretty busy giving your mom fake cancer –
Hahaha yeah posted it bcuz i thought it was funny ! =)
-Yes it’s a fake fight … it’s a lot to explain actually but i’m gonna try do it quick … Juliet isn’t as nice as she seems and she thinks Blair is on her side … But actually Blair is in cahoots with Serena ! =) They fake a fight … and Juliet streams it to Gossip Girl ( Live video feature) …. and puts it on all of the TV in a shop they are fighting at xp Hahaha u guys probably don’t understand what i’m trying to say … but you’ll just have to see to understand xD
-so guys important spoiler!!! dan and serena fans attention please,,, calm down everybody. the baby is not dans!! first dan wanna that someone adopt the baby but then he takes it self.. its difficult but he loves this child.. and then then comes georgie back and takes that child away..
-and attention: EVA SHALL BE A WHORE (prostituierte9
-and the new features on the GG site will come in episode 3 =) Blair is like :
I don’t understand. How can Gossip Girl be down on my first day at Columbia?
-I will tell you this already …. Chuck was planning on taking the train to London and after his talk with Blair he takes the plane to NYC ! =)
-I love that they are adding new character Juliet,Eva,Ben,Collin,…
At this point i really don’t know when it’s going to be up … i will mail my host later … Ben is in prison and a friend of Juliet … and Collin omg i don’t even think that’s his name haha  i just mean Serena’s new love interest i thought he was called Collin i can be wrong will look it up later ! =)
-Ooooh ONE THING i really likeeeee !!!!!! :D Serena is moving into Blair appartment !!!!!! xD she has her own room and everything !!!! =) Really loved that scene !!! x)
-For example Rufus calls Dan … Georigna picks up and the baby is crying . Rufus who doesn’t know about the Baby yet asks … ” Whats that in the background ?” And Georgina is like ” Justin Bieber is on TV “
OMG Eva it’s a prostitute Haven’t finished the episode 4 script yet so i don’t know where this will be going … will let you know asap
-B gets into the exclusive Hamilton house … S doesn’t !
-Okay Finished ! =) So Eva is a whore but Chuck is okay with it because she accepts his past and he accepts hers ( No secrets ) . Blair who doesn’t like that plants Chuck passport in Eva’s suitcase … Then When chuck is doing a speech telling Eva loved him for who he was not for his name , Blair tells Chuck , Eva did know who he was because she had his passport … Chuck believes Blair so he talks to Eva . Eva gets mad and packs her things ..
-No Eva is not after his money she really did love him …. Chuck was just stupid listening to Blair
Chuck does find out !
He’s angry at Blair goes to penthouse they fight chuck leaves xp

Also she/he posted a lil  scan of the script of episode n 3

So what do you think?


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24 thoughts on “Another BLABZ!? NEW SPOILERS!!!

  1. They look interesting. I hope she’s telling the truth, can’t wait!

  2. Summer says:

    I’m sad…chuck is such a jerk…so he really loves eva?? ok…no more chuck and blair for me…i just hope this season blair really find the true love…she really deserves it!

  3. Fouzia says:

    I am very sad but so happy so see season4!!
    I hope that blair leave chuck alone i really hate him i think i’m going to cry for blair about chuck/eva relation!!
    She deserve so much more!!

  4. Ashley says:

    I don’t believe anything until it’s from a legit source (Ausiello, Kristin, tvguide, etc). I’m paranoid and skeptical that way.

    • BlairanoidFreak; says:

      IA but i don’t know if you remember what happened last year, our “legit sources” lied to us about the CJ finale, (when the uk promo came out) and also from what i heard this person is accurate. She posted some PLL spoiler (scripts&stuffs) on FF and she was right.
      But again it’s up to you
      But for me, after what happened last year the only people that i can really trust are these Blabz.
      Step&co lied to us too many times i can’t trust them anymore.

      • Riana says:

        Stephanie and Josh lied and they’re supposed to be as legit as it comes so no, definitely not trusting legit sources. They lie and milk ratings by making Chuck such a jerk.

        I’m over C/B, Blair deserves a lot better than this considering everything she’s done/sacrificed for Chuck but she never gets it.

        I hope she gets an awesome new boyfriend.

      • Um I hope this doesn’t come off rude, or anything, but this is a Chuck and Blair blog (just saying). So we’re actually hoping Chair reunites sometime soon. We call it hope and have since they got together.

  5. Sara says:

    I still hope he won’t tell he loves her!!

    • BlairanoidFreak; says:

      YUP….i can accept the whole EVA= Elle.20 Sl only if he doesn’t tell her that he loves her!

      And wait a minute guys….where did you read that CHUCK LOVES EVA??? *natefused*

      • Summer says:

        I didn’t actually saw that but did you read the scan? he sounds like a jerk and telling blair that eva loves him from who he really is…eww…i hate this! i just hope he wont say “i love you” to eva because if he does…i wont be able to believe in his love for blair anymore

  6. BlairanoidFreak; says:

    Well I read that and trust me as a BIG BLAIR fan that thing gets me really pissed off but if you think about it…..he’s Chuck, remember when the way he acted to the whole Mommy SL? at one point he was a lil bit NAIVE ( no maybe Naive is not the right word).
    And c’mon the whole ” She loves me for who I am” it’s STUPID because DUH Chuck you’re right because Blair Loves/Loved you for only your money right? -.- So for me Eva loves Charles…..The new Chuck who’s triyng to escape from the UES because he hurted the only person that really loved him for the way he was, he’s pretending to be another person because he hurted her really really bad this time.
    And with this I THINK that he’s trying to say something like “2×23 i can’t make her happy” and with Eva he’s trying to create a new identity, a new life , for Blair’s behalf.
    “If i stay away from Blair she would never get hurt again”

    Okay so, it’s pretty hard for me to write something “logical” in english so sorry guys but i hope that you understand what i’m trying to say XD

  7. WaldassAddict says:

    Blair is the only one who loves him unconditionally she even sold herself for him.İsn’t that the proof of her love for him enough.What does he want her to do more???
    İf Eva is just a whore (I really beleive thats the truth) she can also sell herself for Chuck because its her job.But it doesn’t prove how much she loves him.
    I am just sad that Chuck is not caring for Blair.But I hope he is, deep down very much just trying to pretend he doesn’t because Blair doesn’t want to hear anything from him ever again.I hope Eva thing is just that he is only trying to be happy and not alone after Blair since he thinks she won’t’ take him back ever again.But he still loves Blair very much.

    • Fouzia says:

      I think like you^^
      right know i made a lot of scenario and i always end with blair sad!!
      I can’t wait too see Gossip girl on tv and hope we go back in the dynamique we have in season1 and season2.
      Hope it’ will be EPIC^^
      I would like to have hope in chuck.Honestly i hate him after what he did and he has no excuse but i tryng to hope that image don’t tell us the true about his relation with eva^^
      But i always be TEAM BLAIR
      thank you for the amazing site by the way^^

  8. Nichole says:

    I wasn’t around for the BLABZ-gate, but for some reason I am leaning towards believing this bit of intel. The scenerios seem so far fetched that they, at least to me, seem to have a ring of truth to them. But, we will see once the season starts and progresses. One thing I hope is really true: Eva is a prosititute. LOL That is hilarious to me for some reason. If anyone has a knack for finding love for hire, it would be Charles Bass. LOL

  9. Amanda says:

    This person is a fake. Their site is hosted in Holland. The writing on the site is in Dutch. How would someone in Holland have GG spoilers???

    This is Dutch, right?
    Ouder bericht

    • We are going limb and have trust the person/site due some past spoilers that they’ve received and it turned they were correct.

      For me personally I’m gonna wait until the actual episode for all the answers surrounding what going on with what.

  10. MizMooz says:

    What happened with BLABZ-gate, exactly?

  11. shirleychen says:

    A lot of information
    I love him a lot for posting this
    Start hating Eva… even she really do love Chuck.

    Love a of scenes that S and B have FAKE fight LOL. They are so cute in those scenes.

  12. Jackie says:

    I’m sorry but as a Chuck/Blair fan I don’t think I’ll be watching season 4. I hate the fact that Chuck may love Eva and the fact that Chuck/Blair sound anything but friendly. I hate that Chuck says Eva loves Chuck for who he is (because Blair was all for your money right Chuck? She went to hell and back just for the money). Most of all I hate that Blair is suffering again.
    I’m really starting to wish they had just let Chuck die now, then the writers wouldn’t be able to screw Chuck and Blair up more.

    • MizMooz says:

      I hate that Chuck says Eva loves Chuck for who he is (because Blair was all for your money right Chuck? She went to hell and back just for the money).

      Jackie, believe me when I say that I can understand why you’re pissed, because I am too. And I hate this Eva storyline.

      But I think this part is fanwankable. I mean, I seriously doubt that Chuck doesn’t know that Blair loved him for who he is (though he has at times seemed weirdly insecure about Blair’s love for him, which I don’t really get but anyway). In this case, I think he’s just being deliberately cruel, even if it means lying. Now, that’s ass-tastic behavior but I find it borderline in-character.
      Bottom line, though, hate this storyline, hate Eva, hate Josh and Stephanie. SIGH.

  13. O says:

    How exciting? It seems nuChuck has new issues to add to the 18000 issues he had as old Chuck, now Blair didnt love him for who he really is, so this season will once againg have Blair proving her love to Chuck was geuine since she is going to mess up and make his precious Eva leave.

    Am I seriously reading this? Am I awake or am I having a nightmare? I honestly cant believe this is the direction they chose to go. I hated all of this when the fanwank made sense, now this does not make sense, they are going to tear down bit by bit to get her equal to Chuck so they can be together again, and by that time will it really be the characters you loved anymore, doubtful. I hate to say it but the CB we know are gone, they no longer exist,and everyone knows they will inevitablly unite, but the ends dont justify the means in this case for me. I dont know why it was so hard to do a bittersweet story about two people who love each other but cant seem to make it work just yet. *sigh*

  14. Carina says:

    I think Blair will fight for chuck, because, eva will leave in episode 4 and chuck will go back to NY. Maybe he will be angry, because blair let him go in the end of season 3. now he had a new relationship and blair try to destroy it. but it shows that blair still loves him. and i really hope and think, that chuck just try to be an other person , because he is hurted by blair.

    sorry for my faults, i’m from germany.

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